I recently read an e-book on travel photography called “RABARI, Encounters with the nomadic tribe” by Mitchell Kanashkevich. The publisher (Light Stalking) describe this as follows “The guide presents a unique opportunity to learn from real-life, practical examples and to go behind the scenes of the actual photo shoots of renowned travel and documentary photographer, Mitchell Kanashkevich.” That is a good description and one which is met perfectly.

This ebook is a series of excellent photographs along with a short story. Each story includes a description of the environment around the shot and covers how the photographer took advantage of these surrounding to achieve the resulting shot. Taking advantage of the surroundings varies from simply turning the subject to allow the sun to assist with the shot, through to asking the subject to sit in a particular place and allowing an assistant to bounce in some sunlight. After the photo is shot we are shown a simple breakdown of how the photo was processed in Photoshop. It is good to see a sample of the original image along with the processed version showing how far a little thought and processing can take a shot. Continue reading