We were recently asked to produce a promotional video for local musicians performing by the name of Duo Concertante.

They were playing in the Edinburgh Society of Musicians one evening in September 2013 and were looking a video to be produced for their web site and other general promotional uses. The evening was well attended by locals including many members of the society itself.

We started the evening by preparing the room for the event, making sure to safely move the piano and other furniture to create a clean space for the performers and for the production crew. We set out the seating arrangement and preparation was completed by setting up the three cameras. We were shooting on a Canon 5D Mk2 from the left and a Canon 600D at the front. There was an additional high view camera that didn’t make it to this video. All in all we were completely setup in around one hour from our arrival.

Unfortunately lighting in the room was very limited. We had a few halogen spots above the musicians and nothing else. We would have loved to bring in some proper video lighting and to have control over the room but we could not do that as this performance was primarily for the music, not the video. As the evening closed in and daylight faded things got a bit harder with exposure however we did meet the challenges and succeed with the project.

Audio capture was a very simple affair. We set up the Zoom H1 just in front of the performers and pointed it up towards them. This had proven to give the best balance of sound quality, stereo separation and most subtle fitment into the room. It would have been preferable to locate extra microphones however the Zoom did it’s job admirably. Audio was also recorded on the cameras for the purpose of synchronisation in post production. This audio was not used in the final video of course.

Editing and all post production work was completed in Adobe Premiere 5.5 along with Plural Eyes 2 which did a perfect job of synchronising the audio within a few seconds. Without this software production would have been a much harder process.

All in all I believe this was a successful production given the short lead time and limited lighting available. We look forward to further opportunities to work with Duo Concertante, the Edinburgh Society of Musicians and our team of assistants.



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