I recently posted in reference to a book I had read and I was interested to see the results.

This review received approximately  70,000 hits within the first 24 hours and has now exceeded 100,000 hits in around 4 days. Most of these visitors came to the site through a link provided by the publisher and one other person, both of whom posted on Twitter. One thing which I noticed almost immediately was the amount of hits coming in from iPhones and iPad devices. Now that we’ve hit the 100,000 mark I decided to do some checking on this traffic.

A summary is as below:

  • 58% of visits came from iPad devices.
  • 23% of visits came from iPhone devices.
  • 11% came from Apple OSX based devices.
  • The remaining hits were from Windows devices of which 70% were Windows 7, 5% Windows Vista and the remaining as XP or Windows 2000.
  • Note: I have excluded all known spiders and search engine hits from these stats.

No Adobe Flash for me then. Imagine if my site was Flash based or had Flash galleries. Nearly 8 out of 10 visitors would not have been able to view the site. Why would anyone accept that 80% of their visitors get stopped at the front door?

Another point making me push forward my no Flash thinking is down to my media player at home. I use an old XP based machine which is pretty clean. The software is up to date and there’s pretty much nothing installed. This laptop is connected to my television to allow me to watch streaming content and such like. Well, it’s started crashing in the last few weeks. Crashing when playing Flash content. Never at any other time. Random results are reported after reboot, from Memory Errors to Video card errors are stated. I can watch more flash and it’ll crash, another flash video and it’ll crash. Then I watch hours of podcasts using VLC player with not a thought of crashing. I’ve reinstalled everything from scratch, replaced the hard drive, I’ve even checked the machine for heating issues. Nothing gets it working right for Adobe Flash.

I’ve given up on Flash now. I’ve been telling folk I would not really use it on any site and especially not for making the site. A flash only site is basically the equivalent of  “Internet Suicide” in my opinion.

I await the full replacement for Flash and will now seriously encourage everyone not to use Adobe Flash unless there’s no alternative. Not just an inconvenient alternative, none.


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