Students protest through Edinburgh against Government Workfare scheme.

Students protest against the goverments police on Workfare schemes which force the unemployed to work for free at profit making companies or lose their benefits. Companies such as Tesco have been called out on this type of “employment.”

Organised by Scottish Students Against Cuts and supported by NUS Scotland the protest started outside the First Minister’s residence in Charlotte Square before marching on the Scottish Parliament.

This event was heavily attended by members of the Socialist Party, students from the various Scottish Universities and members of the public.

The groups marched from Bute House down Lothian Road, King’s Stables Road, Grassmarket and the Royal Mile. On arrival at the Scottish Parliament building there was an organised event where various speakers from the student organisations talked and presenter their argument against current government policies regarding Workfare and student affairs.

The whole event was handled well by the heavy police presence which ensured no violence occurred even though there was some friction caused by unexpected sit-down protests which caused traffic delays.


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