After an incident at “Kopas Take Away” one is dead and another in hospital with serious wound after apparently being beaten in Tranent, East Lothian.

In Tranent, East Lothian, one person is dead and another seriously injured after an incident at “Kopas Take Away.” The owner Brian is apparently in hospital with serious wounds after apparently being beaten by an unknown member of the public. Locals originally believed a gun had been used but this is not confirmed at this stage.

Further information suggest the owner and driver were stabbed by a customer after a fight. The customer apparently got paint on his jacket before the scuffle. Both the owner and the driver who live locally are believed to have young families.

Police were called in from Edinburgh to help support the closure of the High Street and some surrounding areas. At this time the Police have made no statement.




On a personal level, as a customer of this shop and ex-local, I wish Brian, his family and that of John Auld’s all the best for the future and hope that there can a way forward for them. I’m sorry for your loss and the stress involved.


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