This is part one of my DIY Video Slider project.

The key features and needs for this slider are as follows:

  • To allow the camera to me moved cleanly and easily along a linear path.
  • Travel distance to be around 0.8m for the first design but to be easily adaptable to longer or shorter lengths as required.
  • Easy design with minimal parts.
  • Simple or zero set-up.
  • Low cost.
  • Easy to reproduce¬†with minimal machine tools required.
  • Easy to obtain parts.

The slider will consist of two parallel rails held together by end-pieces. Everything will be made from aluminium which will be held together using standard steel bolts.

Each end-piece consists of a block of 6060 Aluminium approximately 25mm x 19mm x 100mm in size. These blocks have two 16mm holes drilled into them with 60mm centre-centre measurement.

The two end-pieces may be mounted onto similar end-pieces to increase the overall height and to allow add-ons such as motors, pulleys, controllers, legs and more.

The slider trolley will consist of a set of SBR-16UU linear-bearings. The design may use 2 or 4 of these depending on the required weight handling and smoothness required.


Raw Materials:

That’s it for part one as I’m still waiting for some key components to arrive.


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