I recently repaired a PC for a friend and was paid in beer. Not only beer, but beer was included.

Having a fridge load of random beer bottles gave me an idea for a small project; namely shooting some “promotional shots” as may be used by the brewery or distributor. These were shot for my use, learning and experimentation only. Each one was shot on a separate day and processed on a one-by-one basis. This give an interesting variation in the shots as they were not considered “a set” during production. I also experimented with larger and shallowed depth of field while shooting these. The Golden Champion beer is an example of shallow depth of field as demonstrated by the softer “More artistically shot” image.


Spooks Ale


Trade Winds

Black Sheep Ale

Dark Island

Golden Champion


The lighting was kept very simple for these as it had to be assembled and put away each day. I used a single off-camera flash, a yellow foam background, a white sheet diffuser and a reflector (for some.) This gave a set-up, shoot and tear down time of about 5 minutes per shot which was great as this was usually happening while I was cooking my evening meal!


My personal favourite beer from this selection is the Black Sheep Ale. It has a nice clean flavour that works well for me, it’s not too high in alcohol content so it’s a simple one to drink too. I can see myself buying a few more of these as time goes by!



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