Keeping backups is important. It doesn’t matter what the data is; photos, phone numbers, calendars, whatever. Ensuring YOU are keeping valid backups will keep you ahead of all the trouble that WILL come along sooner or later.

Common causes of data loss include the following:

  • Hard Drive failure.
  • Memory Card fail.
  • USB thumb drive failure.
  • User error; Did you really just delete that file?
  • Bad data write to media.
  • Media failure; DVD, CD and USBMemory.

Everything you consider important should be in at least three places. One copy will be your live data you use for edits and actively working. This should be backed up to another device regularly. How regularly depends on your personal need for the latest data. The third copy should be at another location. That’s a different property from the other two copies so you are protected against theft, fire or other disasters.

Consider what would happen if your data was lost. Would a backup from last week be enough? How about last month? Or the last hour?

Are you backing up your data? Hopefully you are as drive failures are very common and likely to get more-so as data density of drives goes up. Have a good look at your backup process today, or implement a plan to cover yourself.


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