Extreme Perspectives by Alexandre Buisse, published by Craft and Vision is an eBook guiding the reader through the gear and thought processes required for extreme shooting.

When in the extreme cold proper photography gear, clothing and safety equipment are all important to your mission and ultimately your survival. This eBook discusses basic safety needs such as harness and bag choices. Your camera choice is also important as you will be hauling it along; Weight, size and lens lens choice is discussed, covering point and shoot, micro 4/3rds and full DSLR options.

The book has many excellent images to inspire. Of course many of us will never climb Everest or visit the extreme peaks and paths of the world, however the images shown demonstrate the extremes of contrast and exposure control that will challenge anyone shooting landscapes. Knowing what to expose for is important; Is the mountain important, or is it the person?

I liked this eBook. It is an excellent introduction to the material you should be researching if you want to take your camera up a mountain or even extreme hill-walking. The eBook is 34 pages of text and images, it costs $5 from Craft and Vision.


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