I was invited up to Knockhill Racing circuit this weekend to take shoot some images for a rallycross team. The weather was quite interesting that day, due to the heavy rain in the morning and the nearly-sunshine in the afternoon. I got there early and shot some images for the team and their promoters while under cover from the rain. The images came out fine and everybody is happy with the results, which is the most important point.

After the main shooting I hit the trackside for some general shots. A Rallycross event consists of many very short races in the day, allowing plenty of opportunity to move around and sample the shooting angles available.

The video below is a compilation of photographs taken at the trackside. I’ve not processed the images or sorted them in any way, these are straight from the card. The results are fine for a first time shooting fast moving cars.

Please excuse the incorrect video length as shown by Youtube. They are apparently having problems with re-encoding millions of videos!

In all, this was an excellent day out during which I met a few people I plan on keeping in touch with.

To find out more about Rallycross, visit www.rallycrossuk.com


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