When viewing images on your monitor it is very important to have your brightness and contrast settings correct. If your monitor is too bright or too dark you will be losing details in everything you view.

The following chart provides a basic check for calibration accuracy.

Monitor Calibration chart

Chart provided by Imaging Resource

Many monitors are set too bright as they are used for other purposes that require the extra light. Gaming PC’s are a particular issue, since many games are played in dark environments. To gain a little advantage in the game people will pop the brightness up thereby seeing further into the darkness. This will soon become the default setting and is assumed to be the correct settings.

The only true way to set your monitor for maximum accuracy is to use a hardware calibrator. Most professional photographers will use these devices which help with brightness, contrast and colour balancing all with the aim of creating an accurate image.

Here’s a few links to various devices which will assist with colour calibration:
Pantone Huey PRO

Pantone Huey
Spyder 3 Pro (PC/Mac)
X-Rite ColorMunki Photo


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