Here in the UK we are under very similar pressure to that of the USA. More and more locations with security guards seem to make up rules to suit themselves, some allowing photography, some not. Even the UK government recently got STUPID in London regarding the “See someone taking photos, report them to the Police” campaign.

Recently in the US, a rent-a-cop stomped in and disturbed a live television interview stating “No camera, No video, it’s a rule.”
Why was this so funny? The interview was with a chief of the company discussing on national TV that there are no rules stopping photography. A classic moment indeed!

This is also getting commonplace in the UK. Photographers going about their daily business are getting harassed by Security and Police who have no authority or legal standing to do so. We all need to know our rights when out in the street. We also need to know when to back down, even though we are right.
Stand up for your rights to take photographs in public places, but do not get arrested while doing so!


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