I only recently finished writing a piece about equipment failure. My flash died at a shoot and fortunately I had a spare available for instant swapout. Only this week I read about a friend who had a bad thing happen, which I will pass on.

The issue relates to his Skyports used to trigger the flashes he uses. Well, he found them swimming in the sink one day. It turns our his little brother decided to see if they’d float. We never did find out the answer to that question, but we did find out that they aren’t waterproof.

We went through a selecion of ways to try to recover the Skyports, but nothing worked. They were deader than a dead thing.

In this instance, the insurance came in handy. Remember insurance? Yes, you do have some don’t you? Well, the Skyports are being replaced with Pocket Wizards at some point very soon, all covered by the insurance policy. I believe the insurance cost my friend less than 150 for the year so this has easily covered the costs of replacing the Skyports that went for a swim.

Let me say this quickly and firmly: Get your equipment insured. End of Story. Nothing more.


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